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candidate for a smile makeoverThose who have multiple issues with their teeth might be avoiding the dentist because they feel that it is too much work, or they do not know where to begin. Fortunately, a smile makeover might be the perfect option to help you get the straight and beautiful smile that you have always wanted to have. Smile makeovers are for those who need to have more than one procedure to get the smile they deserve, and there is a good chance you could be a candidate for a smile makeover.

What do you feel is wrong with your teeth right now? Keep in mind that smile makeovers are for those who need to have multiple procedures. Those who are simply missing one tooth, or who want to have whitening treatments can have the individual procedure needed. However, if you are missing teeth, have issues like cracked teeth or chipped teeth, and want to have a straighter smile, you might be a candidate for a smile makeover.

The dentist will want to examine your teeth and speak with you about your expectations. They want to know what you want from the treatments and they can tell you what you can reasonably expect from them. They can talk about the various procedures and set up a schedule of treatments that you can undergo. You will not have all the procedures done at the same time, naturally. This makes it easier on your mouth and easier to afford. Keep in mind that each person’s smile makeover will vary based on his or her needs.

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