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candidate for teeth whiteningDo you want to improve the look of your smile and restore the brightness it once had? If you would like to have a whiter smile, one of the simplest options is to use a tooth whitening procedure. This can help to lighten the shade of your teeth and make them more appealing, but you will first want to make sure that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. If you are, it is a simple way to beautify your smile, and when you take care of your teeth after the treatment, it can last for months before you need another one.

Even though this form of cosmetic dentistry is relatively simple and many people will be candidates for teeth whitening, that is not the case for everyone. Those who have chronic sensitivity in their teeth might find that the treatments are too intense for them and could cause pain. While some sensitivity is expected for about 24 hours after treatment, those who already have sensitivity issues may find it too much.

In addition, those who have periodontal disease, oral cancer, and worn or damaged enamel will not be good candidates for tooth whitening. Dentists recommend that cavities and gums are treated and healthy before a whitening procedure. If you already have dental restorations in your mouth, be aware that they will not whiten with the procedure. The whitening only works for natural teeth. However, the restorations will not stain in the first place.

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If you want to find out if you are a candidate for teeth whitening and want to learn your treatment options, contact our teeth whitening specialist. We can let you know what you need to do for treatment. Our dentists in Florham Park are ready to help. You can check out the contact page or call 973-377-2222.

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