Misconceptions About Dentures

misconceptions about dentures
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What are your immediate thoughts on the idea of dentures? Many people automatically envision a very outdated or even an old-fashioned image of them, and yet they are one of the more advanced forms of restorative dentistry available. This is why A Healthy Smile Dentistry in Florham Park wants to help our patients overcome or eliminate any of their misconceptions about dentures should they require this treatment.

As your chosen dentist in Florham Park may suggest full or partial dentures for any number of reasons, but typically it is because you need to restore the use of your mouth to its fullest capability. While missing teeth can be a cosmetic concern, it is also far more about function and health. When you lose adult teeth, even just one, it alters your natural bite. This can be alleviated by replacing a missing tooth to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting, can stop you from changing how you chew and unevenly worn teeth, and can save your natural and healthy bite.

These are some of the benefits of dentures, but when working with a dentures specialist like Dr. Gohard, there are even further benefits to be enjoyed. You can understand them better if we look at them through the lens of some common misconceptions about dentures.

“I’m sure that dentures will look obvious and artificial”

Perhaps this is the biggest of all misconceptions about dentures. While it was probably true a few decades ago, today’s dentures are remarkably realistic in their appearance. Not only that but when made for you by a dentures specialist, they work well with your facial features, filling out the cheeks and lips in a way that lets you look as you have always done. You will also be able to speak and eat like natural too.

“If I get dentures, I won’t need any more dental visits”

This is another of the more harmful misconceptions about dentures. Everyone, even those without natural teeth need at least one annual checkup and cleaning. This is to ensure your soft tissue and any remaining teeth are in good shape, your bite is okay and no other issues have appeared. It is true that dentures cut down on your risk of other issues, and allow you to save a bit of time and money, but you still need to pay us at least one visit each year.

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