Periodontics Overview

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There is both good news and bad news about periodontal disease, also known as gum disease or gingivitis. The bad news is that there is no cure – if you have it, you will always have it – and that about 80% of Americans will have gum disease to some degree by the time they reach age 45. The good news is that periodontal disease is very treatable and manageable.

Periodontal disease is not necessarily your fault. To be sure, some patients find their way to the dentist office seeking treatment for gum disease because they were less than vigilant about their oral health, but it can also be genetic, or a complication from another condition, like diabetes. Periodontics is important for maintaining optimal health of your mouth and teeth.

Treatments for periodontal disease include root planing and scaling. These are ways of extracting tartar and plaque from beneath the gum line, and then smoothing the teeth in order to facilitate healing. Usually, this is accomplished in a couple of treatments. In extreme cases, the patient may need surgery. Naturally, you do not want the condition to get to that point, so if you think you may have gum disease, it is important to get in touch with your dentist so you can begin a course of periodontics.

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At A Healthy Smile Dentistry, we want to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Periodontal disease responds best to treatment if caught in its early stages, so come and see us every six months for a checkup. Our dentist office is located at 205 Ridgedale Avenue, #104, Florham Park, NJ 07932. To arrange a consultation, you can contact us by phone at 973-377-2222. If you prefer to book online, you can do so by using the form on our Contact Us page.

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