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Smile Direct Club® vs Invisalign®: The Dangers of DIY Orthodontics

smile direct club vs. Invisalign
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Finding the right orthodontic treatment for you is just as important as finding shoes that fit and are comfortable for walking. You don’t want to end up 10 miles into your shoes and suddenly realize that you made a horrible mistake. Before you take the plunge for Smile Direct Club, our Florham Park dentist wants you to know the truth behind these online orthodontics before you make a mistake. If you want clear braces, there are many different options out there for you to choose from. A Healthy Smile Dentistry offers Invisalign clear braces as a treatment option for straightening your teeth. See the differences between Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign with our comparison below before making your choice.

What is Smile Direct Club®?

Smile Direct Club is an online shop that sells clear braces without dental office visits. Your entire treatment is completed by yourself with little interaction with a virtual dentist. They send you an impression kit or you go to a local spot for a 3D impression scan. From there they send you your aligners to complete your treatment. There is no dentist there to monitor your progress along the way. You simply follow their instructions and wait for results.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. The treatment is administered by a trained dentist or orthodontist. Your dentist oversees your entire treatment to ensure it is on track. Invisalign requires you to visit your dentist regularly throughout your treatment.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign: Your Orthodontic Plan

There is a huge difference when it comes to prepping yourself for Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign. To receive your Smile Direct Club treatment, there is only one step. Smile Direct Club requires you to take impressions of your teeth or visit a local spot for a 3D scan of your mouth. They use these impressions to determine if you are a good candidate for their treatment. If they think you are a good candidate, they will make your aligners and send them to you where you will begin your treatment.

To prep yourself for Invisalign treatment, you will first have a consultation with your dentist. Dr. Gohard will go through your dental records, look at x-rays as well as CT scans to see what your bone mass looks like in your jaw. She will also evaluate the health of your teeth, bite problems and the extremity of your orthodontic needs. If she determines that you are a good candidate for Invisalign based on the evidence, she will take impressions of your teeth and send them as well as her treatment plan for you to the Invisalign lab where your aligners are made. Right from the start, your Invisalign treatment takes your entire dental health into consideration, not just the appearance of your teeth. X-rays and CT scans are extremely important for all orthodontic treatments because not all teeth or jawbones are healthy enough to move.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign: Interactions with Your Dentist

Throughout your treatment with Smile Direct Club, you will have little to no interaction with your virtual dentist. Therefore, nobody is supervising your treatment. This can lead to lots of issues. If some of your teeth are not moving correctly, there is no way to know without seeing a dentist regularly.

Throughout your Invisalign treatment, you will see Dr. Gohard every 6 weeks in her office for a checkup. During these appointments, she will check on the progress of your treatment as well as your dental health. Occasionally she may need to make adjustments to your treatment or order extra aligners if the treatment requires them. Not every treatment goes perfectly from the start. If you happen to break or lose an aligner, she can also order you an extra set. If you have any questions during your treatment, Dr. Gohard is there to answer them.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign: Addressing Alignment Issues

One major difference between Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign is how they address alignment issues. Since Smile Direct Club is entirely online, there is no way to use rubber bands to fix alignment issues. With Invisalign, your dentist can add teeth attachments to your trays where you can hook your rubber bands to. If you have any alignment issues like an overbite, underbite or crossbite, this will not be addressed with Smile Direct Club.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign: Accountability

When it comes to accountability, there is none with Smile Direct Club. You are accountable for yourself. If you are supposed to wear your aligners for 22 hours per day and you are only wearing them for 15 hours per day, there is no one there to hold you accountable or tell you that your progress is suffering. With Invisalign, if you do not wear your aligners for the required amount of time, your dentist will know and they will also let you know about the consequences of skipping out. Accountability is extremely important for a successful orthodontic treatment.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign: Cost

Most people don’t know that their dental insurance will likely cover a good portion of their Invisalign treatment if it’s deemed necessary. Smile Direct Club advertises that it only costs $80 per month. You will need to meet with Dr. Gohard to find out how much your Invisalign treatment will cost you per month. We have different payment plan options to suit your needs. Don’t let cost be your determining factor for your orthodontic treatment.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign: Results

The last comparison of Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign is their results. When it comes to results, nothing beats Invisalign. This is because you have a dentist monitoring your progress the entire way. They will also advise you about wearing a retainer to maintain your beautiful results. With Smile Direct Club, since they do not take x-rays or CT scans, there is a good chance that your teeth do not stay in their final result stage for long. If you want long-lasting results without complications, opt for an Invisalign treatment. There have been numerous cases of patients needing to have teeth extracted after using Smile Direct Club because their teeth were so messed up.

The Bottom Line: Avoid Smile Direct Club and Opt for Invisalign in Florham Park

If you want to straighten your teeth in a healthy way with guaranteed results, Invisalign is the smarter option. Dr. Gohard is happy to meet with you to determine if Invisalign is right for you. If you have any further questions about why you should avoid Smile Direct Club and other DIY orthodontics, feel free to reach out to us. You can schedule an appointment with us or ask questions via our online form or by calling us. We’re happy to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile!

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